Brush quality tool to create unique images with Splitters.To use this tool, you must download it and install the program Photoshop. The latter procedure is worth considering in more detail on the example of the English versions of the program:

  1. Open contribution Edit (Editing) and then in the drop-down list, select Preset Manager (Management of sets).
  2. There is a window Office set, where the drop-down list, select the type of extension to be installed. Since we talking about a brush, then choose the tab -Brushes (brushes) and press the button Load (Download).
  3. There is a window to select the file. Just note that brush for photoshop should have the extension “.abr”. Choose the brush, press Load (Download).
  4. To check whether the loaded brush and load it at all, you need to open the back tab of brushes in the program through the path Edit (Edit) -Preset Manager (Management of sets) -Brushes (Brush).
  5. Now in the opened window, among many other brushes should be ours, Christmas. Christmas brushes are made in the form of an image of the oil snegovichkov, snowflakes, etc. Learn them will have no difficulty.

Decorative dividers for images and text. Brush, in fact, is a mini-figure, which is conveniently inserted into the right place in the images. A great set of brushes with prints from Decorative dividers.