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Patisserie — it is a product which can be met on any table. We eat them every day: at breakfast a dinner, a dinner or it is simple during the day. Konditerka it without what it is impossible to present a modern festive table, it «a weak place» sweet teeth and “worst enemy” of photomodels. Generally confectionery it without what it is impossible to present the modern world.
We, as producers of patisserie Pushkin, trace all process of production at plants, doing really high-quality product. We guarantee that in our confectionery is used only natural products. We don’t use in production of GMO and any harmful impurity. All our suppliers passed previously strict selection on compliance to high requirements to quality of delivered raw materials.
Confectionery of our company it is pies, cakes, pies, wafers, cookies, gingerbreads and many other things. It is a wide choice of names of qualitative production which will satisfy taste of any even found, the buyer.