Guest posting can be both an excellent supplementary strategy for your marketing and its centerpiece – if you know what you are doing. Unfortunately, many people attempt to use it without properly understanding how to approach the task – and get less than impressive results. Here are some of the most typical mistakes you can do as a guest blogger – and tips on how to avoid them.

  1. Writing a Post before You’ve Discussed it with a Blog Owner.

    You may believe your post is a treasure any sane person should be happy to have. The owner of your target blog may (and probably will) have other ideas, which will result either in a refusal or in a lot of unnecessary work. To avoid it, pitch the post beforehand, offer multiple ideas, discuss it with the owner – and, first of all, make sure the blog is ready to accept your contribution at all.

  2. Setting Wrong Goals

    According to Luckyposting guest posts service your guest posts are a part of your marketing strategy. Therefore, a successful guest post isn’t necessarily one that gets many comments and shares – although these are extremely valuable to impress the blog owner. For you, a successful guest post is one that gets you numerous new subscribers. It is the only way to measure the success of guest blogging as a marketing approach – if you do it differently, you may just as well not do it at all.

  3. Not Studying the Target Blog

    It is just plain stupid. How can you expect to write for a blog if you don’t know what the blog is about? Most likely, it will result in a refusal. Even if by some miracle the owner likes your writing enough to discuss it, you will have to rewrite and rearrange your post. Study the content, see how the posts are formatted, what is the expected level of the audience, and take it all into account.

  4. Neglecting Your Bio

    Many aspiring guest bloggers write their bio almost as an afterthought, while it is probably the most important part of their every post. Remember – a guest post should lead readers to your blog, and your bio is your best shot at this. Read through the bios of successful bloggers, study their tricks, spend an entire day researching the matter – but do it right.

  5. Making the Blog Owner Take Extra Effort

    If the target blog is any good (and there is no reason to target any other kind), its owner has enough on their plate to keep him busy. Yours is neither the first nor the last guest post offer they get. Don’t expect them to visit your blog to check who you are and what your writing is like, get into prolonged discussions with you and so on. Send writing samples, offer multiple topics, and if you are accepted, make sure the blog owner has to do absolute minimum of work to prepare your post for publication.
    These are by no means the only mistakes guest bloggers are prone to, but by far the most widespread. Avoid them, and you will get a chance to learn from experience.